My First book Lavash will be released October 29th with coauthors Kate Leahy and John Lee. Pick it up at your favorite retailer.

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A meal in Armenia can include everything from rich bone broths to heaps of greens to skewered meats and vegetables cooked over an open fire. But no matter what’s on the table, there’s one thing that’s always present: lavash. A simple flatbread, stretched and baked quickly, lavash is so important to Armenia that Unesco recognized it as a key component of the country’s heritage.

In this book Lavash, we focus on this elemental Armenian food, first by showing how to make it and next by sharing the many dishes it enhances, from broths and stews to condiments, sides, grilled meats and vegetables, and jams. Meanwhile, location photography in Armenia and sidebars about grains, terrain, and wine (it’s believed that the first vitis vinifera wines were made in an Armenian cave!) provide glimpses into the country of Armenia itself. But at its core, the book is a celebration of a simple bread eaten with simple food, which in itself is a true reflection of this resilient, beautiful country.